Ans: No, It is 100% Plant Extract Based product and an ideal product for Organic Farming.

Ans:  WhiteFly, Aphids, Jassid, Larva like Cotton ball Worm, Mites, Thrips, Etc.,

Ans: Shield is a plant extract of all botanical extract of more than 25 naturally occurring Herbs which contains pesticidal properties.

Ans: Shield is made of botanical extracts that resist different pest on attacking the plants. It creates irritation in pest. As a result Pest stop eating in 4 to 5 days the population of pest on plant decreases.

Ans: Yes 100%, Its Completely residual free and its 100% eligible for doing organic farming.

Ans: Yes Shield can be mix with any form of chemical pesticides, Fungicides for fertilizer. It is compatible with all such chemicals.

Ans: No. Shield is made from more then 25 different botanical extracts that will not develop any resistance.

Ans: It Should be used 3 to 4 ml / Litre with water.

Ans: To control pest it should be used within 4-5 days. As a preventive measure it can be used every 10 to 15 days.

Ans: Mitoz is a Combination of naturally occurring plant extract, alkaloids and derivatives.

Ans: It mainly controls mites but is also very effective on different sucking pest like whitefly and aphids also.

Ans: Mitoz Stimulates salt loss of target pest insect resulting in decrease in sucking habit of pest. As a result pest stops eating and is controlled.

Ans: It takes around 3 to 5 days to control pest as it damages the nervous system of pest.

Ans: Yes, It is made from Botanical extract so it is 100% Residue is free and fully eligible for doing organic farming.

Ans: It Should be used 2 ml / Litre water by spraying only.