Utkarsh Acetoz (Acetobacter-Nitrogen Fixing Microbes) Bio Fertilizers
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Utkarsh Acetoz (Acetobacter-Nitrogen Fixing Microbes) Bio Fertilizers


Product Specifications:


Acetobacter Spp.

Viable cell count: 2 x 10⁸ cfu/ml (min.)

pH: 6.5-7.5

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  • Acetoz is a Nitrogen Fixing bio fertilizer that fixes free nitrogen from available in the air and converts it into Ammonia.
  • Different types of microbes available in the root zone of the plant fix around 8 – 16 kg of Nitrogen to the soil.
  • With regular use of Acetoz, use of Nitrogen based chemical fertilizers can be reduced.
  • Target crops
  • For sugar containing crops like sugarcane, sweet sorghum, Sweet corn


  • 1-2 litre Acetos with 25-50 Soil application by mixing with organic manure use in 1 acre area. Or   1-2 litre Acetos Mix with 200 litter water and drenching near Trunk in 1 Acre.


1 to 3 litre / acre Or By Drenching.

  • Best use within 20days after opening the inner cap of the bottle

Frequently Asked Questions for Utkarsh Acetoz (Acetobacter-Nitrogen Fixing Microbes) :

Q: Can this be used in aquarium to help nitrogen cycle
A: Yes. But Azotoz is much better compared to Acetoz.

Q: I have a rose garden this product is helpful for that?
A: No. For rose use Azotoz.

Q: How many times to use in sugarcane? At what frequency to use ?
A: 2 to 4 times during crop cycle. Use it every 2 to 3 months .

Q: Is the bottel is airtight or air loos
A: Air tight

Q: How many times to use in sugarcane? At what frequency to use?
A: 2 to 3 times. 60 days interval.

Q: Can I apply this product in wheat?
A: You can. But Azotoz is better for wheat.

Q: What is the dose for 1 year mango plant
A: For mango, we recommend Utkarsh Azotoz. Dosage 10 to 20 ml/tree or 1 to 2 litres/acre.

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