Utkarsh Drip Saaf (Eco friendly Product For Cleaning Drip) Spreader
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Utkarsh Drip Saaf (Eco friendly Product For Cleaning Drip) Spreader


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• Drip Saaf is a biological combination of microbial consortia, Biopolymers, Acetic acid, Adjuvant and Phytochemicals is engineered to immediately digest and decompose a broad spectrum of algae, bacteria, fungal slimes and mineral deposits and restores Uniform distribution and Claimed Discharge Rate throughout the drip irrigation system.
• Drip Saaf biodegrades the organic stuffs in the drips and also clean the solid content settled in the field. This digested organic content is good nutrition for the crop.
• Drip Saaf is completely safe for the drip system, the accessories, plants, soil and the eco-system.


  • 1-2 Litre/acre of the Drip Saaf should be mixed with 100 Liter of water and inject in to lateral through Venturi at the end of irrigation and leave for 24 hours. Then flush the dripline.

NOTE: When drip is very choked, use 2 litre Drip Saaf in first application. Then on, use Drip Saaf every 3 months to keep drip clean.
Also, Drip Saaf does not clean mud and sand choked drip

Frequently Asked Questions for Utkarsh Drip Saaf (Eco friendly Product For Cleaning Drip) :

Q: How many times to use for severely blocked drip? Is it safe?
A: Maximum 2 times.
It is 100% safe even for standing crops.

Q: 5lit packing available
A: Not available.

Q: This product is used in tomoto field crop
A: Yes.

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