Utkarsh 1 Acre Kit For Ginger -Foundation & Growth Kit
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Utkarsh 1 Acre Kit For Ginger -Foundation & Growth Kit

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Utkarsh Foundation & growth Kit of  Ginger.

List of Products Includes In This Kit.

1) Utkarsh Microbes (Combination of Fungus and Bacteria for Growth and Protection). = (900gm x 1Nos).

2)Utkarsh Vamoz -L(Mycorrhiza Liquid With 300 IP/ml).=(500ml x 1 Nos).

3)Utkarsh Prime All (Amino Acid Based Water Soluble NPK 10:10:10) =(500gm x 1Nos ).

4)Utkarsh Stress free (Anti-stress Solution For Crop) =(250ml x 2 Nos)(1 Liter x 2 Nos).

5)Utkarsh Fungfree ( A Biological Consortium To Control All Types Of Soil Borne And Air Borne Fungal Diseases) =(250ml x 2 Nos).

6)Utkarsh Roots multiplier (For Quick Hairy Roots Formation) =(1Liter x 2 Nos).

7)Utkarsh Horse power (For Quick Maturity of stem and trunk of plants and trees) =(20 Liter x 1Nos)..

8)Utkarsh combi-2 (EDTA Chelated Mix Micronutrient) =(250gm  x 1Nos).