Utkarsh 1 Acre Kit For Gourds -Fruit Maturity, Quality & Weight Kit
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Utkarsh 1 Acre Kit For Gourds -Fruit Maturity, Quality & Weight Kit

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Utkarsh 1 Acre Kit For Gourds -Fruit Maturity, Quality & Weight kit .

List of Products Includes In This Kit.

1)  Utkarsh MKP (Mono Potassium Phosphate) (00:52:34) KH2PO4 (100% Water Soluble Complex Fertilizer) (Foliar Spray Nutrition) = (900gmx 7Nos).

2) Utkarsh BeShape (Disodium Octaborate Tetrahydrate – Boron 20%) =( 250gm x 1Nos.)

3) Utkarsh Horse Power (For Quick Maturity of stem and trunk of plants and trees). = (5 Litre x 1Nos.)

4) Utkarsh Stress Free (Anti-stress Solution For Crop) = (1lit x 1Nos).

5) Utkarsh Calcium Nitrate – Ca(NO3)2 (100% Water Soluble Fertilizer)(Foliar Spray Irrigation).=(900gm x 8 Nos.)

6) Utkarsh-Release (For Enhancing The Ion Exchange Capacity Of Fertilizers) = (1lit x 1Nos).

7) Utkarsh NOP (13:00:45) (Potassium Nitrate) KNO3 Specially Crystalline 100% Water Soluble Complex Fertilizer .=(900gm x 9Nos.)

8) Utkarsh Combi 2 (EDTA Chelated Mix MIcronutrient) =(1kg x 1Nos) (500gm x 2Nos).

9) Utkarsh F-Enhancer (Quality and Weight Boosting fertilizer for Flowers and Fruits).=( 500gm x 3Nos.)

10) Utkarsh Bio Clean Sweep(A biological consortium to control all kinds of sucking pests, catterpillars and larvae organically) = (1lit x 1Nos).

11) Utkarsh FungFree ( A Biological Consortium To Control All Types Of Soil Borne And Air Borne Fungal Diseases) = (250ml x 4 Nos).

12) Utkarsh Neemoz – Silver (Azadirachtin E.C. 0.15% w/w, 1500 ppm) = (500ml x 2Nos.).

13) Utkarsh Panther (PGR based fertilizer for effective flowering) = (250ml x 2Nos).

14) Utkarsh Marvel (Advance Bio Stimulant For Plant) = (250ml x 1Nos.).

15) Utkarsh Virimune (Immunity Developer Against Virus) = (1lit x 1 Nos.)

16) Utkarsh SOP (00:00:50 + 17.5 S) (Potassium Sulphate) K2SO4 Speciality Powder Fully Water Soluble Fertilizer (Foliar Spray Nutrition) = (900gm x 2 Nos)

17) Utkarsh DOUBLE COMBI (EDTA chelated mix of Secondary and Micro Nutrient with Cobalt) (100 % Water Soluble Foliar Spray) =(500gm  x 1Nos.)