Utkarsh Spread-Well (Spreader – Sticker Activator for Plants) Spreader

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• Spread-Well is non-ionic, organic, sticker, spreader and penetrator of International Standard.

• Spread-Well is non-ionic, organic, sticker, spreader and penetrator of International Standard, It is rain persistence, pesticides activator. quick spreader and deep penetrator.

• Spread-Well is designed for quick spreading, uniform droplets distribution and increased spray retention on leaf surface, It keeps the spray pumps clean.


  • Use clean water, mix required insecticide/fungicides/foliar spray fertilizers/weedicide in small quantity of water and stir well, Then add Spread-Well into this solution.
  • Dosage for pesticides, fungicides, foliar fertilizers, bio products, weedicide spray 1 ml/litre water. For drip irrigation and drenching 1 litre/acre.

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Weight : 10 kg
Dimensions : 8 × 8 × 11 cm
Net Content : 1 Ltr, 1 ltr x 2, 1 ltr x 3, 20 Ltr, 250 ml, 250 ml x 2, 5 ltr x 1, 5 ltr x 2
Pack Type : Bottle
Usage : Spray
Company : Utkarsh Agrochem Pvt.Ltd.